Freelancer, Let’s Try

Since I have been searching for a job during this summer break, I have decided to sign up for an account at Freelancer website. It blows my mind for what I have seen.  I found that this app is practically useful for me as a job seeker, but I am not sure whether I will be hired or not due to my limited work experience. This, however, is the first place to promote me and learn how the job is provided. There are various jobs related to my skills although it is fiercely competitive and the clients are from different status including students, small business owners, and some companies who would like to outsource the freelancers to work on their websites or projects. Most clients in my fields are students and small business owners. Before moving on, you can check my account here.


This is an example of bidding the project. Anyone can offer the lower price to work on the project and the client will decide to pick up one freelancer.

Basically, my expertise is  journalism and report writing and I used to be the freelancer for the newspaper in Cambodia, but not in Australia where I am living now.  From what I have observed, hundred of freelancing jobs are available but each freelancer has to bid for the project and sometimes he/she is approached by the client directly if he/she has a good reputation. Personally, this app is beneficial for a particular person who is good at promoting his/her work and expertise. However, most Cambodians are not aware of this app yet and I do not think there will be more clients from Cambodia soon since there are limited internet access and knowledge. According to Freelancewriting, there are pros and cons of being a freelancer, but for me, the pros appear to overweigh the cons.  The only problem to consider is whether I have a spare time to finish the task and get the benefit as my expectation or not. Hence, to become a successful freelancer, there are 13 points to consider. Three of which are starting from a small project, setting the price appropriately, don’t be so cheap and finding the specific skill you want to offer. I found these three important pieces of advice are practical for me and perhaps help me promote my skills to be a professional freelancer.


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