Stop Blaming the Victim

It is time to change your perception and to stop blaming the victim. Check out the video and what is on social media below.

The social media strategy of this project has been done via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Instagram.  Among those social media tools, Facebook is seen to be the most attractive place to discuss this common issue in Cambodia. For more details of the project, please visit this website. 


Just a few minutes, Cambodian friends start sharing their thought and views on this critical issue.

A Cambodian man tends to disagree with the video concept and another Cambodian woman stands out to voice her opinions.

To produce this infographic video for my project, I have experienced one major challenge in designing video concept to fit in the core message. Of course, video infographic is one of the most high-impact platforms to convey the message and it is also extremely difficult to create the interesting design. My team member and I have planned the storyboard, composition and finalising the script before designing the image and animation for the video, but the design was failed. My group has designed colorful and attractive infographic animation video, but the computer could not run the file, leading to the failure of uploading it into the Adobe After Effects. The pictures below are the examples of the original ideas, but my team and I had to change the concept and design due to the limited time left and capacity of the computer.

back-2-copy back-1-copy




The biggest challenge of designing the video concept has emerged again after the original idea was not successfully produced. According to Wirrienga 2016, there are 7 steps to produce the effective infographic animation video in order to communicate the data and message with the audience successfully. One of which is collecting visual inspiration, which can inspire the audience and convey the key points. After reviewing the visual images/data to be incorporated into the video, the concept of designing is structured.  The creation of infographic structure is like writing an essay consisting of introduction, body, and conclusion, but the most important information has to come first as the inverted pyramid with eye-catching font size and precise script, aiming to hold the audience’s attention. This sounds simple, yet quite demanding and time-consuming. One of the most heavies processes is to customize the infographic animation content. This means I have to change the font size, transition from one scene to another and the animation to ensure that the video can fulfill my target audience.

Searching for existing infographic videos that are relevant to the topic can be a clue to improve the infographic design. I admit that by looking at similar concept video produced with regard to violence against women allows me to absorb new knowledge and ideas to incorporate into my video. Although I watched many existing videos, the originality of my innovative design still remains and it can uphold the credibility and uniqueness of my video.

Feedbacks are the most presently useful too in my group. Based on my previous experience, I have also asked some of my friends to evaluate and feedback my draft infographic video. It is so effective by using this strategy, so I did it again on this project.  For instance, one of my friends, recommended me to slow down the speed of the video from one scene to another, and another friend of mine asked me to add more bright color to the animations. This clearly shows that more ideas are beneficial to enhance the quality of the video.


Before comments.


After comments.

From this experience, I will follow the basic rules of designing infographic animation video, be careful with technical issues, watch different existing videos aiming to generate more ideas and ask for feedbacks before finalising. These lesson learned are proved to be highly beneficial to enhance my next project.


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