Peer Review

  1. Cyber Bullying 

The Cyber Bullying project is quite interesting. The content of the project has been synthesized and generated well. I really appreciate the hardworking of the group members. I could see that there are many interesting messages incorporating into the video to raise public awareness pertaining to cyber bullying. This indicates the precise information and the flow structure of the video, which can hold the audience’s attention. The video consists of the artistic design with funny and adorable cartoons, which to a certain degree attract the target audience known as the youth or young adult. The development of technology to produce the video is well-designed with the combination of social media platform to disseminate the message.

However, there are a few suggestions to improve the video. The opening image is unclear and they should have been enlarged to let the viewers see clearly what cyber bullying looks like on the Internet.


An example of the ECU to hook the audience at the beginning. The Photo was taken from this site.

I noticed that there are a few long shots of the person using social media, but the video producer missed to capture the close up shot of the content portraying cyber bullying. This can be an example or a clear explanation for the audience about what the Cyber Bullying is.

Another point is the transition from one scene to another is pretty fast. The producer should slow down the speed a bit allowing the audience to read and understand each text. The length and size of each text are also problematic. I would suggest shortening each sentence and if possible, randomly select only the most important message that related to the serious cyber problems happening in the society as CYD (2016) also recommends to keep the text short and precise. I found that there are so many texts in the video which can make the viewers tired and could not get the core message that the project members want to convey. An increase of the font size is needed for readers to see clearer. Overall, I am a fan of this video since it has provided me with new information and the ongoing social problems which have to be addressed and intervened.

  1. The One

The production design of the video has been developed strongly, which can make the video become really inspirational and attractive. The three aspects of the video including the use of technology, aesthetic, and the structure have been done effectively. The film was structured greatly, which can convey the clear message to the audience. I could see that the film producer puts strong efforts in shooting at different scenes in order to capture the public expression toward the protagonist who has a bad scar on her face. This requires lots of work to film on the street and of course, it is not an easy task to achieve.


The protagonist’s face having a scar should use as the hook at the beginning of the film. The photo was taken from this site.

Although there are many successes of the film, a few loopholes should be adjusted for the future improvement. The face of the protagonist having scar should be introduced earlier. I could not understand at first why some people along the street looked at the protagonist in a strange way since she was so pretty. Keeping the viewers in doubt is quite useful in some videos, but not really in this one. It is better to introduce the core problem, scar on the protagonist’s beautiful face, which lowers her self-esteem. As a viewer, I prefer knowing the issue at the beginning of the story. Another minor problem associated with the video is that there is so much information appearing on the screen. I would select three important message use as title: the problem, how people treat the protagonist, and how the protagonist overcomes. I understand that the film producer tried to insert the emotional message in the film, but it may be more effective to reduce the words and let the video illustrates or tell the story. This makes the audience easy to understand the protagonist’s feeling.


A positive message should be included. The photo was taken from this site.

Moreover, the end of the video should have improved by showing the confidence of the protagonist in going out and confronting the others’ bad treatment on her after she has had a boyfriend who supports her. I notice that her boyfriend has a scar on his face as well. This might make the viewers think that only a man who has the same scar can love the protagonist. I would prefer having a handsome man loving the protagonist showing the positive content at the end. This indicates that the protagonist has been treated and loved by the nice man without discrimination or hatred and the viral video may increase the number of viewers through sharing on social media. In short, I like the production design and the content of the video which can make me feel inspirational and optimistic after watching.



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