Digital Story Proposal

Have you ever heard about Digital Story? If not, you may spend a couple of minutes watching this video.

 “Tell your story and keep it short” said by Jerome Gratigny, is the advice for everyone to begin his/her digital story.  There are three types of digital story and it has been used as an effective communication and a  way of teaching/learning (France and Wakefield, 2011).  My team has chosen infographic video for the project to convey a message regarding stop blaming the victim. Let’s have a look at my project proposal before moving forward.


The process of creating HTML code for my  project called ” Stop Blaming the Victim”.

Before achieving this proposal, let’s me share you a few challenges that I have encountered. Researching topic, creating HTML for a page, and designing concept for marketing image are quite difficult, yet beneficial for my self-development.

I spent plenty of time searching reports and journals written on gender and violence against women issues. With too much information, I could not capture the most significant data/facts and shape my angle. To deal with this, breaking down the big topic and asking journalistic questions (5W+H) can help me speed up my research and it can help researchers narrow down the topic.  According to WikiHow (2016), classifying  and eliminating irrelevant facts enable researchers to save time  and compile needed information. Research is not easy, it does require skills and the ability to select important information otherwise you will waste lots of time on searching without reaching the real destination as me at the beginning. Although I managed to synthesize the main argument for my project, which was about combating social stigma against rape victims in Cambodia and Indonesia, it was still time-consuming. The above advice will be practically useful for me to adopt and adjust the way of searching my topic before starting in-depth research in the future.


Photo courtesy: Visual Library

Another problem is developing HTML for a page. I candidly admit that I know nothing about HTML. After working on Codecademy, I thought it is not difficult to create the page, but it demands strenuous efforts. In reality, HTML code is complicated especially when I want to incorporate images or videos within the text that requires exact height and width of the image.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 3.22.01 PM

An example of  HTML  for my  digital story proposal.

My team member and I have been trying to find the existing HTML code of a specific website in order to change the code to fit in our project. This creative idea turns out to be time-consuming and even more confusing. Developing structure and composition of the text requires web-design skills and the ability to understand how HTML works.  Vara (2008) recommends understanding the basic programming code of HTML, which includes symbols and words.  The best solution is to remember the key elements of  HTML, such as order list, headline and paragraph code and to know the exact format of an image or video to be included.  My team  finally has decided to start producing the code from the scratch and used the recommendations above. From this lesson learned, I would not try to find a short-cut way to create HTML code anymore, I will try to improve my HTML coding skills and adjust my website to look more attractive and professional. To find out more about how to create HTML using Dreamweaver program, you may find the below website helpful.

Designing marketing image is quite demanding although my team member is so skillful.  My team and I have been searching for images related to stop blaming the rape victims. Some ideas have been generated from the existing promotional materials, yet the initial image of my digital proposal has to be developed. I have realized that my first marketing picture does not respond well to the core message of the project. To adjust the design, I have randomly picked up audiences in my school and asked them to give feedbacks. As a result, I have got more ideas to change my marketing image.


Before receiving comments from the audience.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 1.46.11 PM

After incorporated comments from the audience.

To develop an attractive image, the message has to be condensed and clear addressed (Dean, 2013) and the content has to stay positive showing an inspiring or amused message that can boost viewers’ emotions (Banner, 2016). I guess the theory of “KISS”, which means keep it short and simple, can nail my designing issue.  Receiving feedbacks from the audience is also beneficial to test the design before finalising.  I have combined constructive advice plus my personal understandings to design the final marketing image for my project. I would say, considering feedbacks from other people, can enable either me or other designers to get more alternative and innovative ideas and I will use this strategy in producing infographic video for my final project.


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