Facebook Friend Becomes Her Lover

Aged 26, Chhim Sreyneang, has found her love with A French-Spanish guy via Facebook. 

Chhim Sreyneang,26, is a Lifestyle Reporter at The Phnom Penh Post Newspaper/Photo by Sun Narin

Chhim Sreynearng is a girl who likes the way of living as the foreigner does. Even her style of love is foreigner’s unlike other Cambodian girls. She has known a 45-year-old man, Clane Garr who is the cloth designer based in Phnom Penh through Facebook. Their love has sustained for nearly nine months.
Chhim Sreyneang is telling  how can she meet her love?
Sreyneang is now working as the Lifestyle reporter at the Phnom Penh Post newspaper.

The happy couple at a party

Chhim Sreyneang and her lover at the party/Photo from Facebook

She says that she gets on well with his lover and she is in the process of understanding each other. Moreover, she is planning to marry him in two more years.

She expresses the reasons why does she love her lover?


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