Exciting and adventure experience at Chambok Community Forest

It is not the first time for me to go to Chambok, but this time it had provided me with a very unforgettable experience and memory I have never had in my life.

Last month, I went to Chambok community forest to do a story for joining UNDP Journalism Writing competition.  My friends, Mesa and Youy, have accompanied me to go there. We have taken a taxi to reach there since there is no bus. You know what! The taxi driver stopped to pick up other passengers along the road almost every five minutes. Have not got the destination yet, we were dropped to take another taxi in the middle of the way. I just wish the diver will not do like this to me again. Then we got Chambok.

At the first day, when we got Chambak, everything had been arranged for us both home stay and food. We have rent the bicycles to ride, and we have walked almost 3km to go to Chambak waterfall, but we have not reached there since we were so tired and exhausted, and it was time for me to interview my sources.

In the evening, we had a nice dinner cooked by a villager there. After that we come back to our home stay around 7pm. We had a bath together since we used well water. Then we have a rest.

Second day, in the early morning under the drizzle, we’ve taken a motor to go to the foot of a mountain. Then we walked into the forest with a guide to see the activity of community people taking forest production. We walked almost 8km to go and come back.

Around 1pm, we’ve left Chambak to go back to Phnom Penh. Again, we have a very old and bad smell taxi because we have no choice to choose. The smell of sea fish started spreading, my friends and I feel dizzy, but we have to be patient. The scary feeling happens to us again.

This time the driver did not drop us in the middle of the way, but he was eating lunch while he was driving. Ooh, I feel very afraid of having an accident. I told him that “I feel so scare, please slow down the speed,”, and then he answered me back that “No worry, I am a skillful driver, I always eat lunch when I drive the car otherwise I will hungry,” when he said like this I stop saying. Everything went smoothly. We got Phnom Penh. But I have to take a motor taxi to go to my home in Takhmao town which is far from Phnom Penh around 20 km.

Again, I was dropped by motor taxi in the middle of the way and I have to take other motor taxi instead. Imagine!!! That is very unforgettable experience for me. Anyways, at the end I have produced a story for my competition, and it was a nice trip for me since I can test many strange things and have a truly adventure trip.

enjoy seeing some photos below!!!

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