Field work at Kampong Cham Province

After finishing Global Politics class, my friend, Ly Youy, and I start doing internship at Plan International Organization. The first work for me is going to the province with my supervisor leading five journalists to report story about our Field work in Kampong Cham province. It was a very nice work for me since I like traveling and working with people living in the province especially those who are living in a poor family.

My field work was from 8-10 August, 2011. We worked at Dambae and Pagnakrek district in Kampong Cham province. On 9th, from 8:30 t0 12pm, we were at Dambae district joining a small program organized by CEDAC, which was about the arranging group for people in the community, and in the afternoon we celebrated a Field Day called “Farm Show”.

This field work is a small plan to implement the project titled “Promoting Climate Resilient Livelihoods for Small-Scale Farmers in Most Vulnerable Dry Land Area in Siem Reap and Kampong Cham Province”. This project is funded by European Union (EU), it is worth 2,333,709.00 Euro. The Plan Cambodia and CEDAC will implement this five years project from January 2011 until December 2015. After joining this field work, i am also writing an article about this project, i will post in the next few days… but now you can enjoy seeing some photos taken during the field work…. 

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