Global Politics Summer School in Cambodia 2011

This is a first time that the Global Politics Seasonal School has been arranged in Cambodia on the theme “International Conflict Resolution in the Age of New Media”, taking place at the Department of Media and Communication of Royal University of Phnom Penh for two weeks from July 14th -27th . There are 34 participants, Vietnamese, Cambodian, German, Austria; I am, Cambodian, also one among them. I am delighted to join this program, this is the first day of the program, which taught me a lot of new knowledge I have never known before. I just hope that I can learn and share what I have with other participants, and instructors, and at the end of this program, I expect to get more ideas related to politics, and I hope I can use that knowledge to apply for my journalism skill. It will be useful for me to find more interesting story to write pertaining to politics in new media.

The Global Politics Seasonal School was first conceived in 2004, when the Center for Global Politics, together with Fudan University in Shanghai, launched a join summer school that has taken place in August every year since then. This year the Global Politics Seasonal School has been organized in Cambodia with corporation of three Universities including Royal University, University of Social Sciences and Humanities at VNU Hanoi, and Center for Global Politics at Freie Universitat Berlin. Below are some photos during having dinner, I have taken today, it is a few photos only since my camera has run out of battery… there will be more….

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