Welcome again!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry all my readers for absence in blogging for almost two months, my personal computer has been broken, that is why it has to be repaired at DELL company. I have one thing to tell you all about my experience related to my PC.

What a strange thing! my computer had problem with screen nothing wrong with it hard disk, then i sent it to the shop i bought. After one month, i called to that shop but he told me that it was not sent back from DELL company at abroad yet.

One day, when i was online Facebook, one man chart to me and ask me whether i use DELL N4010 or not, immediately i wonder why did he ask me like that??? Then i was surprising after getting the information from him telling me that his computer contains my hard disk, all my documents are in his hard disk after he got his computer from DELL company. His computer was error hard disk. What a strange is that he bought his computer in different shop from me. He told me that maybe the company exchange my computer hard disk with his. After hearing this i was very wonder then i went computer shop and ask them. They said they didn’t know what the company do with my computer but he insure that my computer will be ok after coming back.

I keep waiting for my computer, last week i got it back. My PC is ok and my hard disk is empty. I realized that my hard disk computer had been exchanged. What a relief????

Now, i am waiting to see my new hard disk whether it will have problem or not…. if it has problem with the hard disk, i think company has to be responded one more time.


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