The effecetiveness of TV Ad

TV ad has been heavily used. Get some figures about ad rates of at least 3 most TV station, and comment on advertising effectiveness. (Use the ad rates as attached document when submitting the essay)

“How to sell a large amount of product?” is a very difficult question for owner or marketer of each company. They always think about the effective strategies to reach their customers; that’s why, they have created a lot of advertisement or promotion publishing or broadcasting through media. Providing with lively video, motion pictures and stereo sound directly to audience, television has become the most popular tool for company to run a campaign. However, while the product advertisement keeps fast increasing, there are some comments on advertising effectiveness via TV stations.

Because of the development of technology, now there are many local TV stations in Cambodia for broadcasting such as Cambodia Television Nextwork(CTN), Bayon, National TV, MyTV (29), Municipal (TV3), Khmer TV, Phomin TV5, ApsaraTV (TV11) and South East Asia (TV31) TV; there are also many other Khmer TVs broadcasting for international cable TV. According to the TV Market Index Survey of Indochina Research releasing on October 2010 stated that CTN is the firm market leader getting 45% of people age from 15-55 and 15-25 , MyTV is the second firm market leader. And, the lowest firm market leader is TV11; it’s got only 1%.  This shows the most popular TV station watched by mass audience will attracts more companies to do advertising.

Among those popular TV stations, I have chosen three TV stations including CTN, TV5 and Bayond TV for commenting on the way they advertise for clients whether is it the right and effective strategies or not. It is fact that Television is more effective method in advertising for company’s competition in the market. However, if we look at the commercial on the TV currently, especially in the weekend concert, it seems too much advertisement. For example, the program living every Sunday counting A1 concert, and Modern concert of CTN, All Stars Concert of Bayon TV, Top Teen concert of TV 5, are the best programs to advertise product, but the technique for advertising is not so good. I think it is too much information about the advertisement. Before the concerts start, it has to broadcast the sponsor advertisement. When the TV presenters start opening the program, they have to read the information of their sponsors again, while a lot of logos of those advertising strict on the stage and appear on the screen of the TV and sometime there is a lucky draw of product for nearly 30minutes as well. Basically, it makes the audience bored and tired of hearing those kinds of advertisement.. Sometime, I think TV station just care about profit-making, they don’t even care about the way people can absorb the information. Audience may ask “why do they put too much advertisement like this?”  This will disperse their feeling or the whole program. I think the station should rearrange the structure in advertising; it will be good if they don’t play the advertising spot longer than living concert. Also, reduce lucky draw duration of each product.

The other reason is that repeating advertisement of one product. Now, I don’t know whether it is the new strategy of approaching customer or not when TV station keeps playing two time of one advertising spot. For instance, Smart Mobile spot broadcasting on CTN, it sometime keeps playing it spot two times. I just wonder why they do like that. It is because they forgot to play it in the previous time, then they just play it once more. This also makes audience bored and feels strange of seeing it.

Besides, there is uninterested too if the TV station play a lot of times of advertising while they are playing drama or interested program. It will bring negative point to the stations or products. Some people may feel tired of watching too many advertisements on TV while they are seeing their favorite drama or interested program. For example, in a Khmer drama all in CTN, TV5 or Bayond, there are too many sponsor spot. Sometime, they play the drama only 5 minutes but they play advertising spot up to 7 minutes. The station should play it consistency with the duration of playing drama; otherwise, the watcher will feel stress of waiting to see those kinds of program.

In sort, the TV stations should know the audience behavior before deciding to play any kinds of products spot; otherwise, they will change the channel. Sometime, it might affect the popularity of those stations too. Moreover, they should minimize the spot duration; the longer spot is not really the right way to catch the audience attention to buy those products. Also, the TV station should understand that audience is the boss of them. If one station have no audience to support, it will be died or bankrupt.


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