Should the new traffic practice of three people on a motor be implemented in Cambodia at this time?

Commentary for Radio

By Vorn Makara and Sun Mesa

Cue: To develop and maintain social order, Cambodia’s police have just prohibited 3 people from riding on a motor. However, this practice has been discussing advantages and disadvantages. One question raising up whether this practice should be implemented in Cambodia at this time? Vorn Makara and Sun Mesa will give comment on this prohibition.

Track1: Makara Vorn

In response to the new traffic practice of 3 people on a motor, I strongly agree to this law. I think that it is very useful for Cambodian people in this century.

According to the article published in Phnom Penh Post Newspaper on 08 December 2010, at least 131 people died as a result of traffic accident last month, it is up from 110 people in the same month last year.

This shows that the number of death people keeps increasing. So I think the new traffic practice of 3 people on a motor can protect people from taking risk while they are traveling along the road. For example, when three people are sitting on a motor, it will be hard to the one who is driving. He or she somehow may lose his control because of overweight or overtaking of other vehicles.

The fact that Cambodia is a developing country; therefore, it tries to develop the social system. I think this practice is a good way to enhance the Khmer society and it can ensure the social order. If we look at the other countries like Vietnam, it has used this law for long time already. For example, some foreign people might feel strange to Cambodians while they see three, four, or five people riding a motor. They may think that there will be an unexpected traffic accident.

Moreover, when more than two people ride motor, they will feel inconvenient and it is also overload motor capacity. The motor companies have designed for only two people because they already study about the bad things of taking over the limited-weight. And it also makes the motor lose quality or broken when people don’t follow the motor regulation.

Track2: Mesa Sun

According to the traffic law practitioners carrying on the Law, now a day on the charge of 3 people on a Motor, I think this charge should not be occurred because about 30 per cent of Cambodian people live under poverty line.

According to the 2007-establishing law on chapter, 7 article 53 that state about goods organizing and people. This law has not stated about this charge. So I wonder why police fine residents because of 3 people on one motor. It sounds like polices take those money for their own pockets.

This practice is strongly affected to a lower class in Cambodia, for example Moto taxi usually carries more than one person. So, if they carry only one person, And some people really want to save their pockets. Example: if three people want to go to the same direction, they really don’t wants to spend two motors because it spends much money on petroleum.

Moreover, Traffic accident occurred in Cambodia is not triggered by driving 3 people on a motor, but most of the reasons come from driving fast, not wearing helmet, breaking law and others.

According to Phnom Penh Post published on December cited At least 131 people died as a result of traffic accidents last month. Som Socheata, road safety programed manager at Handicap International Belgium, said that respect for traffic laws in Cambodia remains limited, and a significant number of accidents are alcohol-related, speeding, and driving under the influence of alcohol.

In short, having heard the two discussions about these problems. this new traffic practice should not be implemented because it is not the time for using it yet while some of the Cambodians families are still in poverty ,and the government should strengthen other laws, which can effectively practice in order to avoid traffic accidents such as alcohol influence, speeding, and breaking law and develop Cambodian economy.

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