Ideacamp Conference on the theme of “capacity building and social participation” (27, 28 November, 2010)

Sharing Experience by Ms. Heng Malika, Best Youth Champion Season 7 (YLC) (2:15-2:35pm)

This presentation talks about Heng Malika’s experience in Youth Leadership Challenge. Malika is the winner of Best Youth Champion Season 7. She is presenting about her experience since she have involved in Best Youth Champion. Her challenges during competition is that she is studying English and Banking, while one step in the competition (Mock trial) requires a person having skill in Law. She said it is difficult to vote off her group member when her group lose. However, since she wanted to continue the competition, she had to choose them. Even though, she has faced with many obstacles, she still tries to find solutions. She said that “no one is perfect, no one is zero, so i have to learn from my mistake.”

What are Nettbook and Sabay PC? The Relationship between Sabay PC & Idea Camp presented by Mr. Vandy Toch, Brand Manager (2:50 – 3:17 pm)

Vandy Toch is presenting about Nettbook and Sabay PC. He said some students don’t make a full use of computers. They spend $700 to $800 per one computer, but they use only Microsoft word and excel, and photo edit. One participant said he used laptop for using Microsoft office, playing games, checking Internet, but he spent more than 1,000 dollars for buying it.

Together with the new coming of new Sabay PC, which will be launched by December, the Sabay company has given a new promotion to people who are interested in the new Sabay Atom 13,3″, first Sabay PC that has DVD R+W. Buyers can buy the new PC by loaning. The first step is 50% payment, 30% for the next 6 months, and 20% for the next 11 months. Book Sabay Atom 13,3″ now, you will get 10% discount and 1 month  free internet!

Ice-Breaker (3:27)

Bottle game: 5 men and 5 women are on the stage. They have to act different from each other on one water bottle. after that they have to act the same to one person at his right hand side. At the end, they can act as what they have done on that bottle. They all get one Mphone T-shirt.

Sharing experience by Mr. Chem Per ( the Best Youth Challenge) (3:45)

He is sharing and telling about his experience during Best Youth Challenge. Chem Per join Best Youth Challenge when he was in high school, with other 13 competitors. Among all the participants whom their education is at least doing bachelor degree, Chem Per has faced many challenges since his knowledge is another lower apart. He said the most difficult thing for him during the competition was his knowledge about technology.


Day two [Sunday, 28 November]

Morning Session

08:30 – 09:05 Presentation on UN recruitment process
by Ms. Bun Rachana, Human Resources Assistant at United Nation Development Program (UNDP).

She is presenting UNDP Cambodia Family to participants, and telling them about the UNDP ‘s structure. The opportunities in UNDP are internship, UN volunteer, Young professional officer, and mid-career. All students having education, knowledge , experience, and skill can send application to

Afternoon session

Time Management by Ms. Hong Dany, Youth leader of Cambodia  Red Cross and Team Leader at People Health Association at Puthisastra (1:40)

She is talking about time management. How to arrange time for study or working.

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