The New System in High School

By: Vorn Makara

Cambodia‘s Education in high school has been changed so many times because the students’ knowledge and new technology and invention has been increasing dramatically.

Providing the specific skill for students since high school can bring them with a bright future and real skill in their whole life that’s why recently The Ministry of Education has already requested to all high schools use this new educational system instead the old one.

Many people not only students but also their teachers and parents are concerned about this changing.

The Cambodia’s educational system in high school is changed by the ministry of education this year. The system is divided into two parts. First part is called Foundation Class, and the second part is called High level Class. Each of them is separated into two parts more; the Science and Social Science.

In Science, there are mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, and computer. Moreover, in Social Science there are Khmer literature, foreign language, Geography, History, Morality, and Civi and Moral Science. The whole students study in High Level Class have to study mathematics eight hours per week, whereas the students study in Foundation Class have to study mathematics four hours a week. Other subjects like physic, chemistry, biology, geography, and foreign language, economic, and computer, civic and moral science, students have to study four hours a week. And Khmer literature students study six hours per week.

All of students both Foundation and High Level Mathematics must study four subjects in common; those are Mathematics, Khmer litureture, Sport, and Foreign languages. Eventhough all high schools have their own right to divided each part of the new system. “Like Chatok Mok, the Foundation class is classified into two parts more. First part call A, and second call B. The school do like this because it make us easy to manage those class” Mr. Sok Sovanna, director of Bak Touk high school.

In the new system, Education Foundation Class, students have right to choose four subjects extra beside the four common subjects. For instand, students can choose biology, physics, chemistry, and civic and moral science to be their extra subjects after finish grade 10.

The students who study High Level Class can only choose three subjects more. For example, students can take subjects physics, chemisrty, and biology to fill their seven subjects totally.

Mr. Yem Nan, teacher at Serey Peap high school said this system is not really good. He does not know yet whether it can go smoothly or not because all students seem misinformation about it.

“First, I d’t understand about this system, and it seems messy. Untill now I still wonder why the minisry change the system. I think the old one is better than.”  Tang Savmey, student at Hun Sen Takhmao high school said.

high school. But it is also affect to the students’ life if they want to change major or skill when they finish high school what will happen? Moreover, my sister still does not know clearly about this system yet.

Mr. Pou Seat, physic teacher at Hun Sen takhmao high school, said “Some studetns are lack of information about this new eduactional system, and do not understand what the school want them to learn eventhough, now the school can use this new system.

Mr. Yem Nan said that “the students use old system for along time, and the new system seems not clear yet; I still do not know when the students pass grade 12 how will they attend the university.”

Mr. Sok Sovanna said the thing is that “my school has already arranged this system but we have met some problems like we need to find the good and specific teachers for teaching in High Level class, without those teachers the High Level class will not progress.”

He added more “I demand all the students study in secondary school and high school students try their best to strengthen knowledge and ability before taking grade 11.

Mr. Yem Nan added that “all the high school in Cambodia please gives the comprehensive explaining about the meaning of each class before allow students to choose high level or foundation class.”

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