The first Khmer Child’s masterpiece of producing a modern car

Khmer Car

By: Vorn Makara

Cambodian people have only seen and heard car products of foreign countries, but they have never seen the Khmer’s Masterpiece. This is the first time that Khmer generation can produce car.

Obviously, Ankor Car is a third Khmer’s masterpiece in Cambodia, which nearly all the media organizations not only Cambodia but also foreign media are interested to publish and braodcast.

Recently, Mr. Nhean Phaloek just created one more car is called “Angkor car”. Eventhough, it is made by mixing many kinds of foreign materials in order to get this car.

Mr. Nhean Phaloek is the first person that can produced cars in Cambodia. He said that he spent almost 5 years and more than $5000 in order to produce Angkor car, it weights 500kg, content 25L for filling petrol, and it is 600cc.

He added it is very difficult to invent because he does not study about the technology of making car. He just made by his self no one teach him, and also it is his talent and his ability.

“I spent both my energy and money to invent this car for nearly 22 months, it is very hard if I compare to previous two cars. Many people are still in doubt why I can produce this car?” Mr. Nhean Phaloek said

His third car is acknowledged as a wonderful car in Cambodia, and many people asked him to create for them, but he refuses. He said the ministry of Industry Mine and Energy promise to provide him copyright privacy, but till today there is no information about this kind of news.

He added that his car becomes the best one because of many strange and good things, and all system in Angkor car is used with electronic.

Truly, Angkor car has a beautiful gold color with a small point of seven colors, which suitable with a nice body that take from some part of motor and car.

Moreover, all the doors’ car are opened by himself no one can open because those doors do not use key like other car, it just use his arms or everything in his body when he feel he want to open it opens immediately.

Another thing is that the car’s key. When someone inters that car by using the wrong key to start the car, there will be a voice speaks that “your ordering system is not correct, please check it again.” It is different from another key because its appearance is panel.

Last but not least, when the driver drives fast with rough ways, it will say “please slow down, I am hurting.”

Mr. Nhean Phaloek said he is very appreciating with my self, also my daughter that tries her best to design good sample cars I have created.

In 2003, he produced first car in Cambodia which was put motor’s machine which is 100cc. In 2004, he produced the second car which is 660cc. And the last is the Angkor car.

In addition, the fourth car in his imagine, he want to create the strange car. He want to put the electronic system, when someone who is not owner inter a car, there is no wheel unless owner the owner of the car, and it will not use key. Moreover, when the owner get out of the car, all the machine and electronic in the car is closed automatically.

Mr. Nhean Phaloek said “I try to produced Khmer products because I d’t want our Khmer children only use foreign products, but I want them learn and know some methods in order to create their own products.”


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