The Cinema in Cambodia

By: Vorn Makara



  • I think the above sources can provide the information of Cambodia cinema that is reliable and accurate. Obviously, the filmbirth is written briefly history of Cinema in Cambodia since 1896 till 2000, world cinema information, and other information related to cinema. Also, it is the wedsite which is created and gotten information related to Khmer cinema or film from Cambodia link directly. It is the international website and it has clearly reference with specific funder; therefore, this website has to write what are facts, even though it will not get fund or help from doner anymore. It is the kind of organization writing for nonprofit.
  • The kwintessential website is also the international one, and the information about cinema is quite important and confident, it is coporated with many partners to contribute any other information. It find out about ups and downs of the Cambodia cinema.That is why this website is truthworthy for all people who want to know about cinema information.
  • One famous film director among a lot of famous film directors is Mr. Rithy Panh is a good source for student or people who want to know the history or the process of making a good film because he is the person who has strong ability and experiences on producing film for many years. He grauated from Cinema School in French, most of his films shooted in Cambodia were awarded for many times.He knows deeply about Khmer film situation as well. A lot of media both national and international have written about his profil, documentary and his film masterpieces. Moreover, he has just created Bophana Center in Cambodia which is consisted of visual documents related Cambodia film since1886. All those ducuments are provided by The Ministry of Culture and Arts, and some other organizations which work on film industry or visual documents.

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