Should Switzerland deport Roman Polanski?


By: Vorn Makara

Mr. Polanski had been arrested overnight related to a conviction for sex with minor back in 1970s, at the Zurich airport after he came back from receiving an honorary award at the film festival. Why till today the police just arrested him? Should Switzerland deport Roman Polanski?

I am surely not support this case, I think Switzerland should not extradite Roman Polanski to United State because of three main reasons.

First, Mr. Polamski confesses that he had sex with 13-year-old girl after plying her with Quaaludes and Champagne in 1978. Even he has already cofessed but now Mr. Polanski is 76 years old. He is too old to get punishment from the court. I think that if the Los Angeless surely wants to catch him, maybe they will not allow him lived happinestly for nearly 30 years ago. Moreover, if the Los Ageless court judges that he has to put in jail, how many years he can live in the jail, why d’t let him go and do something for the last minute of his life.

Second, Why not seize him in the past time? In fact, if polices want to catch him, it is not difficult just go to his home is ok because he is famouse film director, and he has already travel nearly all Europen, so polices can arrest him all the time. Why polices just seized him now?

Third, the victim has forgiven him and said that she does not want him to go to prison. This is the best reason which can avoid Mr. Polanski from being gulty. Sometime the victim knows that this sexual case happen unintentionally, he did not intent to do so.  If the victim thinks that he is a bad one how can she forgiven.

In short, Switzerland should not deport Roman Polanski, above reasons can show that he is not judged anymore, just let him live with his simple life.


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