Pregnant Woman Accused of Adultery

By: Vorn Makara

Pursat provincial police have arrested a woman, who is eight months pregnant, and accused her of adultery. The woman’s husband demanded that police arrest his allegedly wayward wife after he caught her in bed with another man, who is also reportedly married. Police said the woman confessed to having sex outside of marriage three times since September, saying that her follow accused adulterer gave her food. The woman blamed her husband for drinking wine and not giving her enough money to feed her children. RASMEY KAMPUCHEA.

I think in Cambodia we have heard and seen adultor but we rarely have heard and seen adulteress. In Khmer society, a number of adultery is increasing day by day. Mostly, the injured sides have never tried to find a good solution; they always keep those kinds of lametation without telling someoneir . Sometime it can be the  j thinreasing day by day. mdot . In this case it also caused commiting suicide almost everymounth. The law in Cambodia declared that husband must has only one wife, and be honest with each other. Obviously this above news talks about the eight months pregnant did not respect our Khmer tradition adulterated with another man, also why she still has sex even she nearly give birth to her baby.  This woman broke our law tradition she did not care everything around her, she just fill what she wanted.

I think this Hot News can be developed into News feature. The important point of this news is an eight months pregnant woman broke our Khmer tradition. Also, this story can be interested for people and show about our society nowaday. To adding general and breif information, I can get more information about this kind of news by interviewing her/his neighbours how the standard living of this couple is, parents if they still alive, chief village or commune whether they can know some  background of this family or not. I will ask for more background from her husband; Moreover, I will interview a man who is an adlterer, and interview a doctor about what are the disadvantages of having sex while she is having baby.  Why did he do like this? And I will interview the pregnant woman for truth reason why did she decide to do this ambarrassed thing?  Last but not least, I will ask her husband whether his wife stated true or not. In short, I can developed this hard news become an interesting news feature with meaning full.


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