Piracy Discs in Cambodia

By: Vorn Makara

Copyright law is very good but if the government strongly practices this Law in Cambodia, it is  concerned by many  Disc ‘s shop owners, Mrs. Mearn Mom,25, owner of Mom Disc’s shop in Takhmao Town.

Could you tell me the background and the goods in your shop?

My shop has been created since 2005, and in the shop I sell Discs both song and film. My shop also provided the sevice of rentable Discs as well.

How is your selling those Discs since the past till today?

Before, the original discs were sold well for one or two year, but when the piratical discs are increasing, nearly all original discs were decreased day by day.

As your have known tha t selling piratical discs is illegal. So  in your opinion what do you think  when the copyright law was passed and enfored?

I think this law is good, but as you also know that Cambodia is developing country, so most of our cambodian people are poor and middle , many of them buy only piratical discs. In fact, nearly 95% of my customers always buy the piratical discs because they have no enough money to buy the original. Moreover, they think that If they compare the original and the piratical disc, it is quite difference prices.

The original prices $2, 5, and the piratical cost only 1,500 Riel; therefore, the customers can buy piratical disce more than six if they buy one original disc. The main points is if the government thoroughly practices the copyright law, I will not get profit to support my live, and I wll be changed to occupy another career.

Last year, the government cracked down many Disc‘s shop, and they had destroyed many piratical discs. How about your shops?

My shop was not arrested or paid for compensation because  all my piratical discs were not at my shop. I had taken those to my mum shop. Also, I know that it is wrong, but I have no choice to choose. If I give up those piratical discs and sell only original, my shop will be bankrupted.

So, do you have any suggestion or requests to the governments or production companies?

I request to the governments please look at all the owners of  Disc’s shop, most of us are very difficult in living. If the government stronly practices the copyright law, we will poorer and poorer, and we also do not want to lose this career. I suggest to the production owners, those should decrease the price of the original discs, eventhough, your company will not be run as well.

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