How to develop these news into news features?

Typhoon claims two

Tokyo-a powerful typhoon slammed into Japan’s Main Island on Tuesday, leaving two dead and a dozen injured as strong winds ripped off roofs, uprooted trees and prompted fears of landslides. Typhoon Melor, packing gusts of up to 162km/h, cut a swathe across densely populated central Japan, causing travel chaos and power blackouts for hundred s of thousands of homes. AFP

Some reasons why this piece of news can become news feature.  First of all, I think this news is quite interesting and can be developed. Usually people interest in natural disaster not only in their own country but also another country. Mostly, they want to know about the history of each typhoon. How many time did  it happen and in which country. Moreover, we have enough documents to develop by adding general information of it. Second, this news can be educated people if we write in feature. We can add some information to educate them how to protect themselves from typhoon. In short, this piece of news can be changed into news feature.

Kubica signs for Renault

Paris, Renault announced Wednesday that Poland’s Robert Kubica was joining the Formula One team in 2010 to replace Ferrari-bound Fernando Alonso. A statement from the French team described the BMW Sauber driver 24-year-old as “one of the most talented drivers in Formula One who has already proved his skill and his ability to win race”.

I think this piece of news can be develop into news feature because this is the news of celerbrity which is the interesting of people . Most of the people like playing sport and watching it because they think it is a part of entertainment in their whole life. In addition, we can find out his background and some extra information in order to adjust this news become a news feature with colorful.


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